The Environment

The South West thrives on its natural beauty and picturesque charm, tens of thousands of people flock here for their summer holidays and weekend breaks every year, generating cash for local businesses. Protecting and maintaining, not just our livelihood but our home, should be on the agenda for every individual and business that is lucky enough to live here.

At Hurn Recycling we are passionate about our local surroundings and want to help you keep as much waste away from our ever expanding landfills as possible. In addition to benefiting from our ten years experience, tailor made services and unbeatable prices, there are many ways in which your business can help protect the environment and reduce the regions waste.

Reusing and Reducing waste from your business can be as simple as using both sides of a piece of paper or creating notepads out of waste paper. Simple steps can see your profitability rise and the cost of waste removal fall.


But it’s not only a desire to protect the local area which effects your business, government legislation and customer awareness also play a part in the decisions you need to make. The government introduced the EC Landfill Directive in 1999 designed to increase waste recycling and recovery, and reduce potentially polluting emissions from landfill areas. The directive has been on going with a completion date of July 2009. In 2007, as part of the directive, England and Wales saw the complete ban of untreated wastes and liquid wastes going to landfills.

On top of the red tape customers are now using a business recycling and waste policy as a factor in their decision whether or not to do business with you - as a result of this a sound environmental policy is now a major marketing tool for a wide range of the country’s largest companies. Your business can benefit from Hurn Recycling’s expertise whatever size or type of industry you are in. Whether it’s our prepaid bag system or weekly or monthly collections we provide all the recycling services you need to do your part for both the local and global environment.